Your Brother

We have been going out for two years now
Maybe it’s about time to confess
I can’t hide this feeling any longer
You’re not the one I was trying to impress.
The day you asked me out,
I was staring at another guy
I only said ‘yes’ to make him jealous
He was with another girl, I wanted to cry
On our first date I saw him again,
He was playing his guitar
He is so handsome
He is my brightest star
Our first kiss, I really enjoyed
But all the way through I thought of him
How I wish to kiss him instead
But sadly that can only happen in my dream.
There was the time I wanted to break it up
But then I saw he was no longer with her. Yes!
I decided to stay with you
So I can continue to impress.
I see him every day and every time
I am really in love with him there can be no other
Darling, I hate to burst your bubble but…
I am deeply in love with your brother.
Now I have told you, I hope you understand
I don’t love you, you won’t be missed
One last thing I have to say…
Baby, me and your brother also kissed.

This poem was written from a song by Victoria Justice called ‘My Bestfriend’s Brother’. I really liked to sing that song when I was a teenager and I just decided to make a poem out of it but with a slightly different storyline. This poem is all about going out with a guy who likes you and putting up with him until his brother became single again. It seems kinda mean but there were actually a lot of situations like this that happened at my high school.


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