That Girl

She is shouting, yet no one can hear
She is sitting right there, but no one is near
She’s talking yet no one is listening
It’s a bright day but she’s not glistening
She is like air, no one can see
How she puts up a smile even if she’s not happy
How she bites her lips and clench your fists
The girl whose bottom of every lists
The girl who is always on your side
Did you know last night she cried?
The girl who goes with the flow
She feels alone but you’re never know
Because she’s is good at running away
She loves to hide, she does it every day
You call her friend but is that true?
Be honest, how close are you?
You tell her you love her too
If she died, what will you do?
If it was her, she would be real
She would make the devil a deal
Take her life in exchange for yours
Burn in hell ,buried under the floors
She would do anything, but will you?
Will you hang until you’re blue?
Would you take every single shot?
Would you take the whole damn lot?
Well I know you won’t ,cause you’ll get caught
You won’t save her, that’s what I thought
So much for being a true friend
I guess this is goodbye :The End.

Being a fairly quiet person and an introvert can be really hard sometimes. You always feel you are being pushed aside and when you say something you are ignored or your ideas are thrown on the maybe pile. I always feel awkward when in a large group of people because I know I have to speak up to be heard because often I am placed on the back burner. I think I have definitely improved in speaking up and voicing my opinion but I would still describe myself as an introvert. But, I know that being a quiet person isn’t a bad thing as demonstrated by this poem. This poem portrays all the feelings that goes in someone’s mind who just doesn’t know what you’re say at social occasions and being that person it made me realize that sometimes it isn’t my fault. Sometimes people just doesn’t want you in your life cause if they did they would reach out to at least try and speak with you or include you in the conversation. At these type of situations, I really found out who are the real friends and who are not.


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