You did it, Mr Llama!!

Oh My Geoffery! After three years, you have just gone and finished your degree and going to graduate next month. Where did the time go? I am so proud of you, Hun. I know this will probably be really cheesy (but we like cheese) and filled with PDAs but I don’t care cause my awesome boyfriend is done with university. Woohoo! The last three years has been a total adventure filled with more random phrases and plenty of emotions. There were a lot of laughter and long conversations and some tears shed too. But despite everything, you just persevered and you have finally reached the end of your university journey.

I feel so proud of you and all the things you have achieved so far and I look forward to seeing you achieve even more wonderful things in the years to come. I am so glad I met you and got the courage to talk to you 4 years ago at the bus stop outside of Sixth Form. In the 4 years, I have gotten to know you, you have constantly been a positive influence and always willing to fill people’s life with happiness. You want to make people smile and you hate being part of conflict (something which has been tested several times during the three years of uni). The three years have been fairly difficult and you have expressed feeling upset or outcast but even then you did not let any of the negativity get to you and you made the best of all the worst situations. I admire your motivation to stay true to yourself and never let anyone belittle your views or close your mind up to the opinion of others. You went through a lot of emotions during all the years of your university journey but you have done so well to manage everything even it did require some extensions. I am so happy you can now celebrate and breathe away all the stress and just embrace the freedom of a university graduate (graduation next month), I am so excited for you.

Another thing that was tested was our relationship as we didn’t know how a long distance relationship was gonna play out as we both didn’t have a job so getting to see each other and hanging out was going to be difficult. For three years, we made do with calls, texts and Skype as our form of communication and there have been a few arguments about when will we get to meet up. I know it was frustrating and took a lot of patience before we got to see each other again on February 16 of this year lol. But I really thought it was worth it and even if it was a long time waiting, getting a few hours to spend with you was so magical. (so magical that I cried for two days after you left haha). Our relationship has gone through a lot of ups and downs, we have created new meanings for words and we have had our fights and random moments but all in all, I couldn’t be happier having you as part of my life, if not physically but mentally and emotionally. I hope to make more memories with you, my darling Llama King. I love you so much. No words can express how much I adore you and appreciate all the things we have experienced so far.

You are an amazing person/llama and I am so proud and happy of all your success stories so far and I am sure there will be plenty more now that you have ticked off getting a degree from your list. The world better be ready for Mr Llama, (soon-to-be) Philosophy, Politics and Ethics BA Hons Graduate to conquer the world as a musician/lawyer/teacher/pirate/gangsta fish/ whatever you chooses to do lol. So, I hope you enjoy your little break before and after graduation with your friends and family.

Go and show the rest of the world your swagtastic and chuggarific powers!

Uncle Flash Gordon

Walking down the street
Craving for something sweet
Kicking the sand and making shells disappear
Running towards it, I’m getting near
Oh! I tripped and now it’s gone
It’s so hot, I need a fan
I’m wearing shorts and a vest
Keeping cool at my very best
When I thought all hope was lost
I spotted the sign ’99p’, it costs
I ran as fast as I can
Pushing and shoving “Get out off my way, Man!”
I saw it, one mile away
50 customers here to stay
I had an idea, its wicked
Free toys for every kid
All the kids ran to Toys’R’Us
Their mothers ran after them due to all the fuss
Yes! One more customer in line
Mr Whippy with flake, you will be mine
When it was finally my turn, I got a shock
All ice cream were OUT OF STOCK!
The man said ‘It was the last customer who took it
He was thin, wearing a costume and kinda tall and fit
He was so fast some of the ice cream turned into mash’
I knew it… I knew it… Stupid Uncle Flash!


He carries a shield but not a sword
He travels the world and never gets bored
He is strong and wears his underwear on the outside
He barely smiles and only laughs on the inside
He only has a green glowing ring
He can see past, present and future: everything
He is very angry so beware!
He carries a hammer and has long blonde hair
He creates, invents and date someone called Pepper
He has a bow and arrow but isn’t filled with danger
He can stretch all the way around the world
He is hot, sizzling, on fire and doesn’t have to say a word
He is big and angry and called Ben
So much for the Top Ten!

This is a random poem I thought up one day when I and my sister were talking about superheroes and action movies. I tried to include all her favourite superheroes in the poem at the time. We both enjoyed this poem but with Logan recently showing in the cinemas, I really need to update this poem as my sister has become more of a Marvel fan than D.C. (and maybe also make a villains version as well)