One Month of Job Hunting

I can’t believe it has already been over a month since I submitted my dissertation, the month of May has ended and it is now June. That means I have been basically hunting for jobs for a month now. May has definitely been hectic and filled with stress and my right forefinger glued to the scroll down button as I skimmed passed hundreds and thousands of jobs on every single job websites you can think of. I feel like day after day my head would explode and sleep always won at the end as soon as my head hit the pillow. I wish I could say this journey had been fun so far but that would be lying.

At the start of the month, I was ready to jump into looking for work cause why waste time when there are plenty of opportunities available out there, right? I was so ready to go look for some work that will help me get ahead of everyone and gain some experience in an area where I hope to keep climbing. I wanted a job related to my degree, Media Studies, where I can feel that going to university and having £27,000 debt on my shoulders would pay off (and be paid off quickly). I was ready to go conquer the Media world like those beautiful people you see in the movies where they are so hyped about the next step of looking for work and they just get it like destiny made it that way. Unfortunately, sometimes reality isn’t like what you see in the movies and the world doesn’t want to co-operate with how you see your life playing out. There wasn’t much media related job in Cambridge and those that are available require previous experience (which I don’t have)and right now going off to London or some other place would be pointless since I don’t graduate until October. So what do you do when no jobs are available that suits your preferences? You go to the next related thing that will help you gain experience, Apprenticeships.

I applied for an apprenticeship before and I didn’t get that. So, I was not too sure if applying for more is a good idea. But it was worth a shot and it WILL help me gain training and make connections with more people in the industry so its a start. I applied for a lot of media-related apprentices in areas such as digital marketing and social media. I just wanted to find something to do which will help me gain money and just some experience in a workplace. I applied for five apprenticeships in total (so far) and received one phone call. I was so nervous getting a phone call as I hate talking to people on the phone but I did gather up the courage to phone them back (I missed it and it went to voicemail cause hungry lol) and they just asked me to send them an email about the modules I did at university. The email was sent off and I never received anything back from them which made me feel kinda sad. However, I knew there are other areas I can try going into even if this did end with a dead end.

One of those areas was doing an internship around Cambridge which was fairly difficult as there isn’t much of those here either but I knew no one will take me if it having experience that they are looking for. By this point in the job searching journey, I was feeling a little down that there wasn’t much happening and it is not happening as quickly as I had anticipated. I was also at the point of doubt and frustration as the only option ultimately will be an internship in London as there are dozens there. But even then and right now, I feel with how the world is going I need to hold off going further away but if it comes to graduation and I am still jobless, going to do an internship is still on the cards. In the meantime, my mum has suggested I go down a different path and see how I do in another career which is childcare as my work experience was a Playgroup Assistant. Many people have told me that I do so good with children so I thought I’d try it and maybe this is the path I was destined to discover. So, I have put aside all the media stuff for now and I applied for non-qualified nursery jobs and other childcare jobs such as playworker around my local area and Cambridge. I did apply for other various jobs such as a data entry clerk and an office assistant but I was rejected. But despite the rejection, at the end of May, I have been in communication with an agency which supplies teaching assistant and nursery assistant roles in various schools around Cambridge and my application and details are currently under clearance. I also had an interview for a playworker role in a primary school in Cambridge and another playworker role application form was filled out for another school in my local area. Everything is in the balance right now and I will update you guys with more information if I am successful or not. (either way, I am getting practice in doing interviews, making and answering phone calls and completing application forms so it is still benefitting me).

A month of job hunting has just finished and with the summer just around the corner, more days of job hunting is still to come. It is a long journey but hopefully a worthwhile one and it is all part of the adventures I will need to discover as part of life. Wish me luck guys and let’s see where this adventure will take me.


These Essays are Giving Me Pimples

My essays are giving me pimples. I have been sitting on my butt in the dining room for nearly 5 hours and I have only written 700 words. I literally have a pimple on my forehead and a tiny pimple and a huge pimple on my chin. I really think its all the stress and the worries I am going through that has caused multiple pimples to appear on my face. It’s a good thing I am not leaving the house until I have to go back to uni for my last two days lol. 

Still, have to write 6272 words and I just found another pimple on my finger knuckle. YAY Stressful Times. 

Last Lecture/Seminar

Last lecture and seminar today before the Easter Break. I can’t believe it has gone so quickly already. I wish I could enjoy the holidays but I have to write the essays and refine my dissertation some more as well as the PDP. I’m glad that it’s nearly the end and I do not have to write another essay in my life after this. But at the same time, I am also scared that I won’t have anything to do after it is all finish so everything right now is kinda bittersweet.

Anyways I’m just gonna try and get through the day and enjoy the last lecture and seminar before it’s time to hop on the bus back home and relax with some Chinese Takeaway with my family and then a long sleep before tomorrow essay writing and tidying the house will resume.

Welcome to Essay and Exam Season

Hey folks! It is that time again where I will have to get up early and never sleep. That’s right we are now in essays and exams season! I still have three essays to write for May and a dissertation due at the end of April so I’m kinda panicking since the essays are still non-existent. But I have just finished going through the first draft of my dissertation (except the conclusion cause I got lazy but I will definitely get it done this week) but these essays are kinda long and I am very exhausted from other things as well. In addition to my essays, one of my sisters is also gonna do her exams this May and June, which she demanded I help her with her revisions (geez bossy) so the next couple of months will be very hectic and stressful. Hopefully, I can do it and resume other things I need to prioritize next such as more job hunting. 

Last Essay Season! 

Pointing in the Dark

If you saw or read my ‘Not a Morning Person’ post yesterday, you would know that I am very cranky in the morning and very sleepy, especially since I woke up at 3am. Being cranky and sleepy does not go well with morning lectures. This particular lecture is related to film (but my course is media studies) and I would sit on the back of the class just nodding along and taking a few minutes nap whilst the film viewing is taking place. I don’t feel like talking or interacting with anyone whatsoever. That’s why I really hated this lecture from yesterday. There was not a lot of people there and so the lecturer made us all move forward at the front. I hate the front! I am too near the screen and I can’t close my eyes and take a nap. Then, here comes the worst bit of all. He forced us all to say something for the benefit of participation. I know that may seem normal cause there was only a few of us but seriously?!! And that’s not the worse bit yet. When everyone had finished giving their answers, I tried to imagine I was invisible while communicating with my brain to think of something to say so obviously I was avoiding eye contact with everyone that moved in that room. So are you ready to hear why this lecture pissed me off?

When everyone had finished giving their answers, my lecturer had actually been pointing at me, like how you would point at someone when they are about to perform on stage and had bulging eyes and raised eyebrows as if to say ‘Come on then, say something’. Of course, I didn’t realise this for five or ten minutes because we were in dimmed light darkness!! Really?!! He was pointing at me in the darkness expecting me to answer a question, looking me as if I’m a freakin weirdo while we were in the dark and I couldn’t see him pointing at me. When I did realise and gave my answer he just shrugged and went okay but a film student that he knows said ‘what my friend said’, he practically applauded him. I was so annoyed! 

Therefore, I have decided that it is best to move on and never go to that lecture again and in turn never see that lecturer again. I am absolutely tired and to be honest, it is now essay season and I need to do my essay so bye! Oh, and next time if you wanted to point at someone in a darkly lit room, maybe you should go and learn their name first instead of pointing at them like a pale vampire that’s overdosed on his blood supply. I mean he has only been teaching me for 2 years! 

End of Rant. 

Panel Discussion Problems

For one of my modules (Media and Philosophy), we have to get into a group of 4 people and argue a topic with 2 people on the ‘For’ side and 2 people on the ‘Against’ side. Each will have 5 minutes to state their proposition with an additional 10 minute for an open debate. This debate is scheduled on Weeks 9 and 10 (which is in the next two weeks) and in the past few weeks we have made a plan on how things were gonna go but now we have several problems.

First, there are only two of us in my group. There were not enough people in the class and I am not letting my panel partner/buddy and I be separated. We had already picked a topic ‘There is no more Media as we know it’ and we already established who is for and who is against. We both tried to read the required reading that is related to that topic but in my opinion, I didn’t think it related that much in terms of media and catered more on art. We decided there and then that we would not mention anything theoretical, especially if it does not match with what we are gonna talk about or if we are not entirely sure how we will do it. My panel partner and I were all set to go off and do our own arguments and then meet up and come together. In fact, just yesterday we were already practising our debate in a spare classroom. We are so ready and with a few practices and doing the flashcards, everything was going to plan.

But then some plans will hit a snag once in a while and with only a week left I wish we had these problems earlier than now. We have been told that everyone is going to have to follow the assessment rules for 5 minutes and then an open debate as well as having the theoretical aspect of backed up case studies. I feel like we should have been made aware of the rules and guidelines of this assessment weeks ago instead of springing it on us a week before we have to do this. I am so annoyed and angry that all these things that we have been planning for 4 weeks now is gonna be changed so much and is basically gonna be…crap!

That being said, I am not gonna stand for this panel debate to be crap especially when we have figured it out weeks ago. I do not like my plans to go wrong and I am praying that we can find a loophole or change some minor aspect of what we have planned already instead of changing the whole thing. After all, there are only two of us so it would be better to do a back and forth open debate instead of the 5-minute thing then a debate. The theory related to our topic is discussing the medium of art NOT media. This has made me feel so stressed right now!

Breathe and Think!