Where Did They Come From?

Less than a week ago, I started noticing that my hands had tiny cuts on them but I didn’t feel anything scratch me or cut my hand. It is so bizarre because this has never happened to me before. At first, it was okay but then more and more cuts appeared and now they are hurting my hand and annoying me because I don’t know where they came from. I also now have scratches on my arms (which might have been caused by my nails) but I am certain I have never scratched my hands. 

Anyways, I looked it up and it said that it could be because I have dry skin that I need some Omega-3 or something. This is also weird because I have recently been putting on a lot of lotion and hand cream to make sure my skin isn’t dry lol. It also said I should drink more water to stay hydrated. I am still trying to figure it out. I suspect it is the winter weather taking its vengeance before spring season comes back. I probably need to drink more water and just carry on putting my lotions on and hopefully, they will heal over and never return. 


Strange Feeling

You talked to me for the first time
It was real, not a stupid mime
You actually said things that made me laugh
Acting all cool and kinda tough
You make me smile, you’re funny
The rain is gone, now it’s sunny
This feeling is really strange
I’ve lost my mind, gone deranged
I can’t figure it out, I can’t put my finger on it
Wow look it your arms, boy you’re really fit
Did I say that out loud? This is so wrong
You are not only fit, babe you’re so strong
You are so hot, I think I might sue
Damn, I’m totally in love with you!