A Fairytale Story

The mirror may be cracked, it may be broken
The crown was dusty but my heart has spoken
You’re from the past, you are just a freaking ghost
A guy so far away, dreaming of being on the coast
You tend to disappear to the point of being gone
Yet you’ll come back whispering that you’re the one
The one who’ll set me free, the one who’ll be there
As I sit here in my tower, I can’t find you anywhere
You have flown on your high horse, been riding the seven seas
Forgotten the princess you said you’ll come back for with ease
Now you have returned with the gold and a dress
Looking for the princess you left in distress
Can’t find her anywhere, you shouldn’t have lied
She has changed her mind, her love for you has died
While you lived your life, she has moved on
Think she’ll change back for you, you’re wrong
She sits on her throne, head held high
You plead with her, your mistakes- you deny
You are on your knees and pretend to be a lover’s fool
But this princess is Queen now, you know that she rules
This house, this kingdom, this land, this throne and you
You shouldn’t have declared your love if it is wasn’t true
She silences the people and tells you to get up- NOW!
She takes a sword and demands you to show respect, BOW!
She looks you in the eyes and you see her stare is  ever so cold
Then pushes the sword in you, oh boy you have just been told!


Unnoticeable Warning

This is for the special boy in my heart
I just can’t believe we are so far apart
The days we had has finally ended
The feelings you hurt is still offended
The gifts you gave me are on my shelf
The only thing missing is yourself
But right now, I think you are pretty busy
The way she spins you around, it must make you feel dizzy
The way she orders you around like a slave
Make a note to yourself: DIG UP YOUR GRAVE
I’ve been down that road, please just stop
Soon you’ll suddenly burst, you’ll pop!
But seriously, she treats you like a butler or a maid
But worse of all, you are not even getting paid
So before your funeral or you turn into roasted duck…
I want to say… love you… just kidding… GOOD LUCK!

Hating You

Run away and never come back
This has to be your final act
Just leave I can’t bear to look at you anymore
Get out of the bloody front door
Leave your keys and just back away
Go, Leave, Flee, Just please don’t stay
This is getting annoying, so leave
Us is over, just believe it, Steve!
Nothing can fix it, pack your bag
You’re such a retard, such a drag
Go back and live with your mother
She has a cat and it’s cat brother
I had enough, we are through
Bye, Ciao, Aurevoir, F*** You!!


Sorry for what? Oh right, YOU!
Still talking about the old, never the new
Fine, I’m sorry that you aren’t cute
Sorry you fell without a parachute
Sorry your nose is like a pig
Sorry you can’t do the Irish Jig
Sorry I fell in love with you
Sorry, you like a piece of poo
Sorry that I was such a lady
That’ cause I am, you total crazy!
Sorry that I was such a fool
What was I thinking… you weren’t cool
I am sorry you left me to cry
Feel free to drop dead and die!
Sorry you are going out with her instead
Sorry she looks like a zombie from the dead
Finally, sorry I left you all alone
Now, will you please fuck off home?!


The moment you left, you really changed
You went bad, you went deranged
You tried to copy other boys
You played around like some wind-up toys
You started telling people what to do
You made then work just for you
You started thinking you’re the boss
And we’re the caber for you to toss
But get ready cause I’m breaking your bubble
You are nothing but a piece of trouble
To actually think you’re a leader
You’re  nothing but a two-faced cheater
Then walking around looking so strong
But like always you’re so wrong
You look like the backside of a donkey
Look at that snot on your nose, need a hanky?
I can’t bear to look at you anymore
You’re making my life feel so sore
Your hair was great then it turned black
You’re worse than a burnt flapjack
Whatever happened to that sweet tender guy
The one that made me reach for the sky
I guess you vanished and went away
Then came back all evil and grey
So before you think of being so ‘wow’
I’ll bid for well and take my final bow.

Fake Death

Why are you extremely fine?
But somehow you can never be mine
Why do you feel so dead?
But I just can’t get you out of my head
Why are you ignoring me?
When you are my friend no longer enemy
Does it feel good to hurt me so?
To pretend to be my friend when you’re really my foe
To kiss and tell, hug and run
To shot my head with a gun
To make me suffer and fall apart
To crush and break my dying heart
I know you’re not like this, break this curse
Make it all better before it gets worse
I know that you have never seen me mad before
But everyone contains inside a hidden door
I’ll tell you now you’re in for the kill
So useless and worthless, so keep still
You’re nothing no use in this world
So bite your tongue, don’t even say a word
Don’t Move. Don’t speak. Don’t pretend
Just stand there and prepared to meet your end
Let’s just say we meet again in another life
When I’m the one who was carrying a knife
When you’re strapped to a chair and can’t move
A fault you can’t accuse, you cant prove
It ends here, it ends now and it ends with a scream
In bed I wake up it was all just a dream
Don’t worry I’ll get you another day
Keep waiting I’ll get you in the end, I’ll find a way.

This poem was made when I was feeling vengeful and bad-ass. I think I was just having a bad day and I just wrote this poem of taking revenge on the people that did me wrong but I probably took it a bit to the extreme but I was probably a bad day considering I was thinking about death.