Death Will Win

A girl who decided to promise her life to Death
In twenty-four hours she’ll take her final breath
She needs someone to show her the light
To free her and hold her tight
She stares into the dark, swimming in red
If you don’t go now, she’ll soon be dead
She’s crying softly, here comes the rain
Death is knocking, she’s gonna go insane
Come to her and she might let you in
If you don’t, then Death will win!

*for World Suicide Awareness Day*

Living Proof

After what you’ve been through
You now know dreams don’t come true
There isn’t honesty or trust
Love was replaced by lust
Families are broken because of what someone said
They can’t forgive or even forgot instead
Mother has always to be right
Father tries to break the fight
The youngest has to make noise
The eldest has to make the choice
Then there is you whose have been told to shut her mouth
To keep quiet because everyone has had enough
You’re always put to the test
The one who is put second-best
So you ran and ran and then tripped
A piece of your heart was ripped
Until he put it back together
The boy who told you forever
He said love is all you needed
You beg him to stay you pleaded
He left everyone else before
You’re here again slammed in the face by a door
They don’t know that you would never stop crying
Praying to God to say you just want to be dying
To never have to wake up and see anyone
Finally, wake up somewhere fun
But even if it’s the end and all is well
You have always known that you belong to hell.

Abuse: Act Now

Hitting me, punching me, leaving me on the floor 
Partying, going out, just slamming the door 
Here it is again that comes every night 
It all happens just after our big fight
You take my arm and slam me down 
I see a fist and a face with a frown
You tell me things I don’t want to hear 
Then I feel a blow just like a spear
I look away for a minute or two
Then I saw blood splatter from me to you
I want you to stop, go away
But you continue on until the day 
You left me there, crying in pain 
The floor and I covered with blood stain
I can’t take it anymore this needs to stop 
The pain in my body has reached the top 
I don’t know what to do 
Cause part of me still loves you 
But what you’re doing to me is wrong
I need call the police, be strong
So the next day, I did just that 
As you left, I just stared and sat
When you had gone and I’m all alone
The place did finally feel like a home 
All those times I thought was my imagination 
Now I know, I made the right decision.