Boys of the Past

I liked so many boys, I have lost count
Boys just kept on appearing, they are starting to mount
First, the boy who thought he was cool
But he turned out to be a stupid fool
Then there was the boy I fell in love with
Once I thought I needed him to live
He had brown eyes and loved me like no other
But he also hated my father, sister and mother
He turned ugly and he broke my heart
So we separated and fell apart
Then I liked a boy who loves to play
His guitar and just rock away
Followed by the boy who loves to give me a hug
He kept me warm and oh so snug
Then came the boy who called me ‘amigo’
He only liked me cause I gave him mentos
Then there was the boy who walked 15 miles
He was filled with lots of laughs and smiles
Then the boy who I sat next to in the most boring lesson
I never knew I liked him for any special reason
He just made me laugh and was genuinely funny
He was an over the top and very tall bunny
But none of them really worked out
Sometimes I wonder what it’s all about
I hope one day I find Mr Right
Who will let me dream well every night
When I find him, these boys will see
They are all losers cause they all lost me
They let go and moved on, they will never last
Because they are just the Boys of the Past!


I was naughty, I got detention
I was so sad, I went into depression
I am now broke, its the recession
I’m so stressed, give me your attention
I’m completely lost, give me direction
I’m at the bottom, no motivation
I need a home, no accommodation
The world is filled with discrimination
Violence and racism in every nation
Tell me how we got into this situation?
Maybe we should blame evolution
Better yet, let’s blame natural selection
But people, we destroyed God’s creation
We should welcome the flood
Let’s all drink Christ’s blood
Let volcanoes erupt and earth quake
Let’s do good for goodness sake
God placed humans to look after and stay
Pray have faith and keep loving…
For its nearly Judgement Day!

Realise is about the destruction of the world. I wrote this poem towards the end of high school because I just found the world to be filled with conflict and fighting and violence and inequality. I thought that writing this poem would make a difference and change the world in some way. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. I am saddened that conflict and inequality still exist now and people are still afraid to change their mindset or be open to other’s views of the world. This poem was written 5 years ago and nothing seems to have changed.

Letters of Lovers

My Beautiful Lady,

I have just finished my duty to the King.
I am on my way home
Within two weeks, It will be you and me
All alone…
Don’t cry anymore, for I am on my way
You will be in my arms two weeks from today.

Your Beloved Admiral.


My Beloved Admiral,

Why have you not returned?
Little Thomas and miss you so…
Your deep brown eyes and the way you hold me;
Why did you have to go?
Someone is at the door now and a letter.
Please, Lord, don’t let it be
“Father of unborn child shot at sea”
You were my everything.
I didn’t even know you enough
How will our unborn son ever laugh?
I’ll just sit here and cry… but I will meet you again!
In heaven, when it is my turn, my love…
To die.

This tragic poem had no particular inspiration but was imagined based on how men often went out to sea or on duties to far of lands leaving their wives or even lovers behind not knowing what will happen or how important is the life they left behind. This poem tells the story of a couple, lovers,  who had a relationship before a man went out to sea to do his duties as a soldier and for his country. He promised her of a triumphant return but was in the end not to be as he is shot and leaves her and their unborn child, fatherless and alone. She now waits the day when she will be able to see him when death also meets her.


I’m thirsty, I need some water
I don’t want to be the pig for slaughter
Please, may I have some food?
I got a slap instead, for being rude
Sir, I want to be free
Locked in a cage, by my master now enemy
Want to speak, they say ‘Never Speak!’
Still no water and food, now too weak
Living in a stable with the horse
Filled with anger and remorse
I beg of them, just to sip?
They raised their hand with a whip
Along with other men not allowed to talk
We go together, everywhere with chains, we walk
We all caught the train when we were small
We work for nothing, now we are tall
We have to work harder, despite the pain
Coloured men from birth to grave
From boy to old man I was a slave…

I wrote this poem during a history class when we were discussing the slave trade and how it was abolished when I was around 13. I cannot believe that such a terrible time in history could happen all because people are obsessed with defining people based on their skin colour.