He Kissed Her (1)

He said ‘I like you’ but his boy brain kissed her. This boy said he fancied me to the extent he gave me presents because that’s how you win a girl’s heart that you like, right? After telling me that he likes me and looked me in the eyes: he still kissed her. We were both standing outside of maths class, innocently flirting whilst the teacher gets ready for the lesson. He was telling me I look cute today and I was probably blushing. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend at the time (but a high school crush I could have being a young girl, aged 13). Anyways there were also these two girls who were playing a game of “Kiss Me”. They were getting guys from the corridor to kiss their cheek (a stupid game I know but this was before everyone discovered Facebook). One of the girls stopped in the middle of my high school crush and I and asked him to kiss her cheek. He looked at me and I shrugged (hoping he’ll get the hint and NOT kiss her) but of course, he did. He kissed her and had a huge grin on his face. Meanwhile, I wasn’t impressed and a little pissed so I gave him the worst thing an immature/jealous high school girl could think of giving: the Silent Treatment. He spent a week trying the figure out why I wasn’t talking to him anymore and looking back he deserved every single second of silence that I gave him.


Questions you should ask a Boy

Are you a bad boy or are you good?
Do you like to work out or digging into food?
Do you play an instrument, or maybe you sing?
Do you like simplicity or a lot of bling?
Are you stinking rich or do you just like money?
On your toast: butter, jam, Nutella or honey?
Are you a good laugh, do you think you’re funny?
What’s your favourite animal: dog, cat or bunny?
What’s your favourite colour: blue, green, red…What do you think?
Are you gonna be a real man and say your favourite is pink?
I guess, I asked a lot of questions, let’s just stop
But tell me on your list, am I the one on top?
Sorry, I asked another… I think you’re a star
One last one, have you ever done it in your car?

Finding True Love

He looked at me for a minute or two
I’m obsessed with him but he hasn’t got a clue
I need him so badly, he needs to be mine
He is so cute and extremely fine
He just broke up with his leading lady
They went out now he’s gone crazy
to get her back in his arms
Needs to bring his cool and his charms
But really she doesn’t care one bit
She already has her eyes on a boy so fit
Why does he still run after this bitch?
He needs to be free from that wicked witch
Why can’t he see there are other girls here?
Right in front of him, oh so near
He doesn’t need her anymore
Time to open another door
But why can’t he see me?
Staring at him like a bee
There is still time for him and me to meet
Just need to stand and find our feet
Once we are finally together
Everything will be happily ever after.

So Funny

His eyes outshine the stars in the sky
The way he fixes his hair as I pass by
He makes me smile and laugh, never cry
I swear if he could right now, he’d fly
He tells me stuff for only me to hear
I let him speak so he can be near
Even in a crowd, he stands out and catches my eye
For him, I’ll do anything, just let him try
He used to be like a tall toy bunny
Too bad it didn’t work out, so funny.

The Plain Honesty

You were holding my hand because you care
Keeping me safe, stroking my hair
You looked deep into my eyes then looked away
Like you wanted to speak, something you needed to say
You smiled at me and pulled me in for a hug
You felt so warm, you felt so snug
You told me that you fell in love
With an angel sent from the heavens above
You moved in closer and gave me a kiss
It was slow and gentle, a tender bliss
But the truth is, we’re not meant to be
This is all real, not our fantasy
So, even though, I want to be with you
I’m sorry but there is still so much to do
You got angry, ran away and just left me
I was right all along, we were never meant to be.

First Kiss

We were walking without a care in the world
You were listening, listening to my every word
It was perfect like any other day
And you were all I needed to say
But then something was not right
The sky becomes dark, no longer bright
Everything felt lost, gone away
The happiness faded, it went astray
The rain poured, dripped to the ground
I looked to see but no one was around
It was just you and me, standing there
Cold, Soaked and couldn’t go anywhere
I looked at you, you pulled me close
Held me tight but still gentle as a rose
It was all silent, not a whisper or hiss
Right there, you and I had our first kiss.

Strange Feeling

You talked to me for the first time
It was real, not a stupid mime
You actually said things that made me laugh
Acting all cool and kinda tough
You make me smile, you’re funny
The rain is gone, now it’s sunny
This feeling is really strange
I’ve lost my mind, gone deranged
I can’t figure it out, I can’t put my finger on it
Wow look it your arms, boy you’re really fit
Did I say that out loud? This is so wrong
You are not only fit, babe you’re so strong
You are so hot, I think I might sue
Damn, I’m totally in love with you!