Rat in the Trap

*Warning do not read this if you are fond of animals or easily grossed out.*

One of my early memories is stepping on a fly trap. It was a horrible experience and something that I wouldn’t want to experience again. My Lola doesn’t like insects and flies have always been one of her pet peeves. She would place several fly traps all over the house. It had caught a few cockroaches and small spiders but no flies. But when I was really young I saw a rat under the table. I didn’t go near it and continued playing. A couple of days after this encounter, my Lola started screaming demanding something be taken away. I ran into the room and knew it was a mistake. There, on one of the fly papers was a dead rat who obviously got stuck whilst running around the house. I felt really bad and I still do. I don’t know if it was the same rat I saw but it made me feel uneasy that I played a part in its death. I want to apologise to that rat and his family and hope that he rests in peace.


They Ate MY Chicken

We used to visit some of our relatives in the province for special occasions or occasional drop-ins. One of my Lolas (the sister of my mom’s dad) loved cooking and she always accommodated us when we come over. She cooks amazing food and tells us stories (which I cannot mostly remember now). But this story is something I will remember forever. During one of our visits, she took me aside and told me that she had something for me. She told me to feed it every day and look after it so it will stay big and strong. She then handed me a cage with a chicken inside it. Now, as an adult, I would be weirded out if I was handed a chicken but as a child, it was like a brand-new pet was given to me for FREE! I promised her I will look after it and we took it in the SUV all the way home. I was so excited to have a pet chicken and all the way home I was already narrowing down names to call it.

When we got back home, they told me to let the chicken free in the backyard and to stretch its legs. I innocently followed their instructions and went inside to call my friends that I have a pet chicken. I think I had a nap for a bit because the time frame between me letting the chicken loose and me going back to check on it seemed like such a long time. But when I went back to find it, it wasn’t there. I asked everyone and each had a different reply: ‘It might have flown away’ (chickens can’t fly), ‘the dogs probably ate it’ (the dogs barely moved today) or ‘What chicken?’ (I might be a little groggy from my nap but I’m not stupid’). I was so furious and annoyed that a whole chicken disappeared and no one would tell me where it went. But from the title, we can all gather what happened: They took my chicken, de-feathered, gutted and sliced it then made some fried chicken. I refused to eat dinner that night and swore immaturely that I will never eat chicken ever again!

(Of course, I didn’t commit to this promise and enjoy fried chicken as much as the next carnivorous 21-year-old person lol.)

The Breaking News Report

Hello, my name is Patricia A. Guillermo and I am reporting from my house. I loved copying new reporters on TV. They always sound so silly yet important at the same time. There was something about being a news reporter that applied to me but I didn’t know what. I guess a part of me wanted to do what they did. As a child, I found it fascinating how composed and calm they are when reporting horrific events going on around the world. I still admire news readers now as an adult. But now I don’t know if I can do all the research and report on semi-biased opinions or hypocritical views they might have that aren’t in line with their own personal views. Plus I prefer writing compared to talk anyways. I guess that is my news reporter/reader little girl dream fading further away.

Abuse: Child’s POV

I heard a scream, I heard a shout I saw blood by Mommy’s mouth
Daddy punched her and she cried
Then he left and she stayed by the side
I knocked the door but there was no reply
Not even a hello or goodbye
So I stayed there stood still
Maybe Mommy is just ill
I got her a cookie and some water
Then I went back to see her later
But I never saw her again that night
Or when the sun gave its light
Daddy didn’t say anything anymore
He just sat there and stared at the floor
Mommy left and never came back
Last night was her final act
She left and went around the bend
Because last night was her final end.

Disney Remakes

I really love Disney and being a massive Disney fan, I often turn to the movies to watch in my spare time and even live by the inspirational quotes from the movies. Recently, they made a Beauty and the Beast remake, which doesn’t come out until the 17th of March (but I will definitely be watching it). From what I have seen, the movie looks so amazing and features some of my famous actors and actresses including Emma Watson and Sir Ian McKellen. Now, Disney is in the works with remaking other movies such as Mulan and the Lion King, which we all have to look out for to find out how they will actually be turning these animated classics into live-action (I mean, is the Lion King just gonna be featuring CGI animals or will it be actually a human version?). Either way, I cannot wait to find out and go see it.

But, there are now 22 Disney remakes that are in consideration and as much as I really love Disney I have some concerns for several of them. Here are ten Disney remakes, which are making me scratch my head in wonder and worry:

Genie in A Lamp
Ever wondered how the Genie got inside the Lamp in the first place? Well good news, Disney will be turning it into a movie. I really think this is a good movie to make as the genie is one of my favourite characters ever. The genie has so much potential and backstory that needs to be explored that we never found out from Aladdin. I cannot wait to see this movie and finally find out some answers. My only concern for this movie is how they will ever find anyone to match the brilliant work of the late Robin Williams and whether this will be a tribute to him in some way. I am looking forward to finding out.

Prince Charming
Which one? The Prince is getting a story. It is unclear whether this is Charming from Cinderella or Snow White’s Prince but either way some prince will be getting a movie of his own. To some degree, this film will be great as most fairy tales, especially romantic ones revolve around a princess. So its about time a prince got a movie too cause gender equality and all. But at the same time, what does a prince do? I try and picture some adventure he could have gone on or slaying a dragon like Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty (maybe they should a movie about his perspective instead) but I have nothing. So unless this is a comedy about royalty, I will probably need a clearer synopsis before I decide on watching this film.

A Visit to the Hundred Acre Woods
This one I found slightly sad. An adult Christopher Robin goes and visits his friends in the Hundred Acre Woods. Let us think about this first. I am guessing he will probably be in his 30s or 40s and might have a child and the story will be about how he introduces his child to Winnie the Pooh and company, just like how Andy gave his toys to Bonnie in Toy Story 3 (I’m still crying about that) and it would be really sad cause he cannot play with them anymore and Winnie the Pooh will not recognise him cause he is an adult. I just hope that he does not just simply walk into the Hundred Acre Wood as an adult like a crazy person cause that would be like Peter Pan growing up and deciding that he is probably better of as never have grown up at all and just strolled into Neverland. We will just have to wait to find out.

Tinkerbell the Fairy. Tinkerbell. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. Tinkerbell in Secret of the Wings. Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. I have seen so many Tinkerbell movies so I do not know if I wanna see another movie about Tinkerbell. Unless Tinkerbell turns out to be evil (cause of the jealous trait) I do not think I will be watching this one.

Peter Pan.
Really? Again? I have seen so many Peter Pan film, television and play versions to last me a lifetime. Heck, I have been in a Peter Pan play when I was seven so I do not know if I can take seeing another one. Also, with so many versions how will they top the previous Peter Pans? The answer is probably they cannot but I guess it is just another great addition to the whole collection box of Peter Pan stories.

A live action remake of a puppet that turns into a real boy. I am actually looking forward to this remake as not being a fan of this movie before means that a live version one might help me change my mind. I have also been watching Once Upon A  Time (one of my favourite tv shows) and their interpretation of Pinocchio is so good. I will definitely be giving this movie a try. I will love it even more if they depict the Pleasure Island scene in an awesome way that has never been seen before (plus being a fan of CGI transformations, I just want to see how they turn children into donkeys).   

Oliver Twist- Hip-Hop Version
Interesting. This movie is one of the classics so giving it a modern twist will help it enter the contemporary public sphere. I mean according to reports it will have Ice Cube in it so I’m certain that it will be different from other versions of Oliver Twist. But hopefully a good different. 

Oh, look another Cinderella story. I am seriously gonna be giving this a pass as Cinderella has been done so many times before. I wish they would just do a Cinderella movie but from someone else’s point of view that is not Cinderella. There are so many potentials: Anastasia (one of the stepsisters) needs a movie about her and that baker she fell in love with, Drizella (the other stepsister) needs some movie exposure, the Stepmother needs a movie on how she became such a bitch, a movie on what the fairy godmother does in her spare time when she is not granting Cinderella’s wishes, a movie about Cinderella’s mother or they should even make a movie about Cinderella’s animal friends. Just please no more Cinderella remakes that are only about Cinderella. 

Rose Red
A gore version of Snow White based on the Grimm Brothers tale. I am normally not into gory movies cause I hate horror but this movie sounds interesting and one of the stories I heard about when I was very young. I do not think that this movie has been fully captured on screen for a film audience and has only appeared as mini stories on tv. I hope this will be an amazing movie that will probably be targeted at a more adult audience and might be a horror but I guess I could make an exception just this time so I can watch it. 

Night on Bald Mountain
Based of Fantasia. One of the first Disney movies to be made. A film which I love to watch over and over again. Enough Said.

These are my verdicts on some of the Disney remakes they are considering on doing. There are still much more in the line up including the Little Mermaid and Dumbo, so check out the internet for these other films. Also, these are just initial thoughts and I might change my mind and watch them regardless whether I like them or not once there are some more details on each of the movies. Leave a comment below on what you think of this article or any feedback on what you think of these movies being made.