I’m not Zeus, I don’t have lightning bolts
I’m just a normal guy who has loads of faults
I’m not Hercules, who’s strong and a hero
I am more like Neville when he was a zero
I’m not Batman, no gadgets or a car
I’m just a broken dude with a Twix bar
I’m not Harry Potter- who defeated the Dark Lord
I’m just a terrified guy with a flat he can’t afford
I am not Ron W, with his girlfriend Hermione
I’m just here wishing… will she be-miney?
All I am is a boy who is too afraid to ask her if she would…
Make my dreams come true, pretty please, I don’t want to be rude
I am so scared that she asked ‘what’s the matter?’
I didn’t know how to reply so I just leant in and kissed her
It felt so good and I wish it would have lasted forever
I guess this means that we are now finally together
So, I may not be Batman, Zeus, Ron, Harry or even Hercules
I have weaknesses of failure and girls, my name is Achilles!

Awkward Conversation

Boy: You think she likes me?
Girl: Who, that flirty bumble-bee?
Boy: No, the girl in my dream
Girl: What, were you eating ice cream?
Boy: Be serious, I really like her so much
Girl: Well, why don’t you get in touch?
Boy: Well, I don’t know how to do that
Girl: It’s easy, it’s like stroking a cat
Boy: What?! This is not a joke
Girl: Just listen or you’ll be broke
Boy: What then? What do I do?
Girl: Just tell her ‘I LOVE YOU!’
Girl: Good, go make your dream come true
Boy: I have. Finished and done.
Girl: But… you haven’t even gone
Boy: Haven’t I? Cause I think… yup… I do!