You’re FIRED! You are not welcome anymore
Oh, stop being a baby and let the tears pour
You may think I care but I don’t at all
I knew this would happen, I knew you’d fall
Yes, it started with you being a star
These chaos and stupidity has gone too far
Before you were loved but look at you now
Pack your bags, Tidy your office, you are such a cow
Look. Here comes the boss. You are gonna get thrown out
Just stay silent, we all know what it’s all about
Wait a minute… why is he walking towards me?
The boss said: You’re FIRED! You total wannabee!
What?! This is not fair. Why am I getting fired?!
Because you are a bitch and we are getting tired
Tired of your ridiculous advice and constant bragging
Why did you always have to keep on f***ing nagging?!
You are not the Queen, we don’t need you to stay
You are so annoying and loud, now go away!
No! Don’t even beg. The boss made his decision and there is no doubt
Go on then… pack your bags, tidy your office and make sure you stay out!

The End

I gave you my love and my body
I gave you laughs and our own parody
I gave you plenty of kisses and hugs
I gave you all my secrets on the rugs
I gave you hints that I want you
I had no doubt you want me too
I gave you everything so we can be together
I gave you my world and all you say is “Whatever”
I gave you passionate kisses and you say “It’s okay”
You talk so much about your best mate…Dude are you gay?
You talk so much about her and your past
You talk more about that bitch and I’ll be your last
You talk and talk and talk some more
But now it’s my turn, you’re a real bore
Let me list all the things you can’t have
Even if you want it so much, bruv!
You can’t have my perky breasts
Unless you grow some hair on your chest
You can’t have my kisses with tongue
Do you even know what you’ve become?
You can’t have the time that has passed
You certainly can’t have my beautiful ass
You can’t have the thing between my legs
No matter how you crawl, plead or even beg
I am through being lover’s fool
I’d rather date a dying mule
I’d rather stay single forever
Just face it, we can’t be together
Because I’m uptight and you’re just wrong
Grow some abs darling, you’ll never be strong
You think you were winning before
Well, not anymore, close the f***ing door
I don’t want to see your face
I don’t need your sweaty embrace
I don’t want your small dick
Get a life cause you are just a prick
Let me tell you I am amazing in bed
I can really mess with a boy’s head
So unless you can still grow your stick
Time is running out so be quick
Before I let you have me in your room
Before this “relationship” can resume
I have one rule in the plan
I only give my body to a man
So since you are not that, let’s say “Adios”
You are just the garbage boy, I want the BOSS!

Finding True Love

He looked at me for a minute or two
I’m obsessed with him but he hasn’t got a clue
I need him so badly, he needs to be mine
He is so cute and extremely fine
He just broke up with his leading lady
They went out now he’s gone crazy
to get her back in his arms
Needs to bring his cool and his charms
But really she doesn’t care one bit
She already has her eyes on a boy so fit
Why does he still run after this bitch?
He needs to be free from that wicked witch
Why can’t he see there are other girls here?
Right in front of him, oh so near
He doesn’t need her anymore
Time to open another door
But why can’t he see me?
Staring at him like a bee
There is still time for him and me to meet
Just need to stand and find our feet
Once we are finally together
Everything will be happily ever after.


You think you are all that
But you have no volume, too flat
When you walk, the boys stare up the street
You continue to walk on with your two left feet
Wearing high heels and a short skirt
Thinking you’re sexy when you are only dirt
You batter your eyelashes for guys
You’re so ugly, they go cross-eyes
You wear too much make-up, you clown
Making all the boys, fall and frown
They want a girl who can laugh
Be gone, darling! They had enough
They want a girl who knows it best
A girl who can work the mattress
So leave, Go! I hate to bust your bubble
Make way for me, bitch. My name is Trouble!

Reality Check

You are getting on my nerve
It’s time to get what you deserve
You use your words as your shield
But here is the new winner in the field
You may have won before a long time ago
But the winner is here, time to go
Your shield is starting to rust
Excuse me, miss, if you must
Open your eyes, I’m not invisible
You may be strong but I’m invincible
I have my defence for your attack
Your reflection is not you, your mirror is about to crack
You’ll never be the fairest of them all
The guards tell you to head home from the ball
You continue to speak, always in a rush
Shut your mouth right now, hush!
You strut around like you’re the Queen
You talk to boys and make them scream
Your touch is starting to die, no effect
I have my own shield, deflect!
You had the swagger and the style
Let’s be honest, you can only get that for a while
Are you embarrassed? You’ve gone pale
Your words and actions have gone stale
You are nothing but a fool
You may impress but you’ll never rule
So bow down to the new winner
Pray to the Lord, cause girl you’re a sinner
I have won, there is nothing else to tell
Let’s hope you are forgiven, so you don’t go to Hell.

She A Bitch

I’m sorry to be rude
I’m sorry to be in a mood
But, there is something that’s giving me the itch
Boy, I really think your girlfriend is a bitch
Look at her she looks like a horse
If you don’t mind me saying, I’m prettier of course
She is annoying, she needs a whack
Oh look, she even made that mirror crack
Come on, use those eyes
Her appearance is hardly a surprise
Her teeth when she smiles,
Looks like the teeth of a dead crocodile
Her nose is so very big
If it was any bigger, she would be winning pig
I think that you need a new lady
Before she drives you too crazy
By the way, she hates your Mum
Plus she has a big fat bum
There are other girls to find
Just look around and use your mind
She really is bad
It makes me really sad
You are dating a freak
For your information, this makes you weak
But, to be honest, you aren’t the fittest boy around
It looks like you fell and hit your face on the ground
But, what can I say I don’t have a clue
All I know is that your girl will make you boo-hoo
So before you get a big bump
It’s better to give your girl, the dump
Then,  when you did just that you’ll see,
The only girl you want was here all along it’s pretty, fabulous me!

This poem was written when a guy I dated was dating another girl to make me jealous and a part of him realized he still fancied me after dating her for a few days but unfortunately for him I did not like him anymore. #sorrynotsorry