He carries a shield but not a sword
He travels the world and never gets bored
He is strong and wears his underwear on the outside
He barely smiles and only laughs on the inside
He only has a green glowing ring
He can see past, present and future:everything
He is very angry so beware!
He carries a hammer and has long blonde hair
He creates, invents and date someone called Pepper
He has a bow and arrow but isn’t filled with danger
He can stretch all the way around the world
He is hot, sizzling, on fire and doesn’t have to say a word
He is big and angry and called Ben
So much for the Top Ten!

This is a random poem I thought up one day when me and my sister were talking about superheroes and action movies. I tried to include all her favourite superheroes in the poem at the time. We both enjoyed this poem but with Logan recently showing in the cinemas, I really need to update this poem as my sister has become more of a Marvel fan than D.C.


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