I’m thirsty, I need some water
I don’t want to be the pig for slaughter
Please may I have some food?
I got a slap instead, for being rude
Sir, I want to be free
Locked in a cage, by my master now enemy
Want to speak, they say ‘Never Speak!’
Still no water and food, now too weak
Living in a stable with the horse
Filled with anger and remorse
I beg of them ,just to sip?
They raised their hand with a whip
Along with other men not allowed to talk
We go together, everywhere with chains ,we walk
We all caught the train when we were small
We work for nothing, now we are tall
We have to work harder, despite the pain
Coloured men from birth to grave
From boy to old man I was a slave…

I wrote this poem during a history class when we were discussing the slave trade and how it was abolished when I was around 13. I cannot believe that such a terrible time in history could happen all because people are obsessed with defining people based on their skin colour.


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