Second Chances- OutlawQueen

As a fan of OutlawQueen, I really wanted them to get together and have a happy ending that I and other OutlawQueen fans deserves. But I know that this is only an empty wish at the end of the day and will never happen within the show and its all to do with the premise of the show: No one is suppose to get a happy ending (yes even CaptainSwan)

This ship pairing was born in Season 3 and when the dislike between Regina and Robin was so obvious, I knew they are so meant to be. When I watched them, it was like I was falling in love over and over again. The Evil Queen has always been portrayed as the villain but something about her even at the very start intrigued me and after watching her story unfold, I grew to love her even more. The Evil Queen/Regina was misunderstood and so unwilling to accept to be loved that she was prepared to bury your heart (literally). But then along came Robin Hood. Oh Robin, where have you been? As soon as those two characters met, I knew that something will happen between them and boy a lot did.

After having a mini journey and quest in the Enchanted Forest to try and retrieve Regina’s castle and stopping her from sleeping for eternity, they were teleported back to Storybrooke with no memories that they even had developed a liking for each other. While in Storybrooke, they are back to square one and develop feeling for each other yet again leading them to finding out that they are soulmates. They were so in love. I wished I paused it right there and never moved. But as a fan, I was curious. Oh show me how they get married and live in Regina’s mansion and take Roland for ice cream and teach Henry how to use a bow and arrow and at night h0w they make love in the Vault or the forest before they have to start the day again. But nope…None of these happened and it was issues after issues.

Regina and Robin were so happy as soulmates but wait. Marian (Robin’s wife) arrived and Robin was conflicted and Regina was sad. Robin wanted to do the right thing and be with his wife and Roland but he loved Regina at the same time. They were so in love yet they chose to do the right thing and she helped his family leave Storybrooke, only to find out that Marian is actually Zelena, her sister. When she found Robin in New York, she thought everything is gonna be back to normal and she wanted to carry on where they left of but Robin got Marian Zelena pregnant. Now there is a baby in the way but they will make it work somehow. It became complicated.

And then the final frontier came, in Season 5, Robin was obliterated and OutlawQueen was no more. I cried so much. I cried for Robin. I cried for Regina. I cried for OutlawQueen. It was tough and many people wanted to bring Robin back to life. The producers said NO. Well that was until the second half of Season 6, Robin was back. But it was a different Robin from the man Regina fell in love with and everyone knew it and after watching Regina admit it to herself, I also accepted it.

As a fan, I often try to find a glimmer of hope but I know at the end of the day, the show will never play out to how I see it on my head because it will always be up to the producers of the show on how it happens. I just wish that this Robin and Regina story will end how it was meant to be, with a bit of closure (or at least him and the Evil Queen having sex- DarkOutlawQueen is still Outlawqueen)

P.S at least there is still fanfiction lol.



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