Ruling Out A Postgraduate Degree

Time is nearly up and with only an undergraduate dissertation and three essays to write and submit, I am about to go into the world, relieved and anxious. These past few weeks I have been receiving emails about applying to postgraduate courses and thinking about a higher level of education. I have never thought of doing a Postgraduate course and it made me think why I ruled out considering doing a Postgraduate Degree. Here are my top five reasons why I ruled out a considering doing a Postgraduate Course after I finish with University:

More Theory equals More Stress and Confusion
These past three years has been filled with a lot of theories and complex readings that I would have rather avoided and was just a waste of my printing ink. The course I took was pretty much theory-based (although there were a few practicals which I enjoyed very much) but we had to read everything and to be honest 60% of those readings rarely made sense and 80% was never used for essays . After I finish with a module, all those papers goes straight in the bin ready to be recycled into other things that would prove to be much more useful. Also, those theories caused a lot of headaches and stress, which will carry on into Postgraduate and my mind cannot take anymore of reading 100 plus pages a week. 

What subject would you like to do?
No idea. When I went into University, I went in thinking that Media Studies is an amazing subject and I enjoyed it in A-Levels so why not do it as a degree. I never really thought of doing a course related to media afterwards and even until now it has never crossed my mind. I liked doing my course but before coming into university that decision took forever to make so deciding what subject I want to do next for a postgraduate is just adding more stress than I need. I really do not know what I want to do if I went into postgraduate course and if I do not know it now, I probably never will.

Loans and Debt
I am already in £27,000 debt just from going to three years of university so I do not think I want to be in anymore debt. I do not want to  or considering taking out some more loans either as I do not have the money to pay it back. I feel that going to do some more years of postgraduate will have me swimming in debts and loans. This is what frightens me the most as the prospect of paying twenty-seven grand seems already too much but paying another twenty-seven grand on top of that is too much. Do I want to be in debt and owing people some money?  No thank you.

What is Postgraduate?
In all my time in University, no one has ever mentioned the word postgraduate until a few weeks ago. I do not know why people never mentioned it or suggested it as an alternative option to finding work but the point is they never did. So, I have never researched it or was curious about it because I do not know what it is. I wish there was more information about it and a lot of people would have came in to discuss a path into a postgraduate degree but either way I probably would not take much notice anyways. I now know about it and I know a few people are interested in doing a postgraduate degree but I am not one of them.

Next Goal: A Job
As soon as I was approaching the end of my second year, I knew that I needed to get a job, preferably straight after university finishes. I think it was ultimately my main goal of my plans after university so the postgraduate path was never in my mind. I seem to have planned my life roughly in my head and a job focused university.  Also, I really do not think I want to study anymore in terms of a higher degree but I do.

After all, once  I get a job that  is really when you know life is going right. That is why I will be applying for work and not doing a postgraduate course. Wish me luck!


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