I saw you late last night
With a girl, pretending to fight
Because you saw me all hurt
You left her and came over to flirt
Dressed in your leather jacket and boots
Acting all cool when i know you’re a brute
You smile at me and look everywhere, except my eyes
You act like dirt towards women, all around you are flies
You talk of your motorbike and this party
You said that you can love with all your Hearty
You wear your tight jeans like a hunk
Your aftershave stinks like a skunk
You tell me that the one who hurt me, you’ll punch to death
Boy don’t you have a mint for your breath?
You asked me to come to your house, I’ll feel better
You’re a player, a scum, but honestly do u think we’ll get together?
I politely answered: “You’re not my type”
This got u even more hyped!
You said “I’ll change your mind in the morning”
I said: “I don’t like you. You’re boring!”
You tried to persuade me with your seduction
You claimed that I was God’s perfect creation
I had enough! I punched your face!
I punched you all over, including the most painful place
You have been going in the wrong direction
Let me be your first and number one, REJECTION!
I left you there clutching your groin, about to cry
I walked away from you…I never liked Jerks! GOODBYE! 

This poem was dedicated to my first ex boyfriend who was a massive player and this poem was a situation I pictured of the way he flirts with a number of women and is basically a douchebag who thinks he is the most handsome and perfect guy there is and expect everyone to love him especially all these women. But of course in truth he is very cocky and arrogant. I also really wish that I rejected him when I had the chance because he really goes around picking women automatically thinking they he is God or something and they will obey his every demand.

So this is for you cocky ex boyfriend. I hope by now many women have had the guts to reject you and hopefully you’ll find the one!


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