Promise Me

Can you keep a secret ,something I know very well?
Do you promise, promise me, you won’t kiss and tell?
Cross your heart and hope to die,
Because if you tell, you know I’ll cry
So, here I go… you really want to hear?
Come closer , don’t be afraid my dear
I…well… I don’t know if I should tell
Anyway, I know I have a secret of yours as well
So are you ready ,this is big news
Yeah, bigger than the 100 feet shoes
So, here I go, nice and slow
Please ,oh please, get up off my toe!

I am going to be honest I actually have no idea what this poem is about. I just randomly wrote it one day and I don’t think my mind knew what was happening. But I think is a nice little poem that shows that not everything in life plans out or has no sort of plan at all but you still enjoy it regardless and something funny on come out of it. So let’s all enjoy life and never step on people’s toes!


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