Never Grow Up

Back then, I had a dream 
Now all I do is scream 
Back then, I barely had to think
Now I’m starting to sink 
Back then, I had ambition 
Now its just huge competition 
Back then, I was indestructible 
Now I’m just invisible 
Back then, I didn’t have to worry
Now all I do is feel sorry
Back then, everyone was open 
Now what the heck happen?
Everything is a blur instead 
Hurtful actions and words said
I wish time would just stop 
So I will never have to grow up.

Never Grow Up was a poem I wrote when I was just having a bad time one day and had to make so many decisions and finish so many things. I felt that I couldn’t cope and cried myself to sleep praying that time would just stop and I did not have to grow up. Looking back on this poem now, I sometimes still feel the same way but as I grow up I also start looking forward to other things such as independence and new undiscovered adventures and opportunities that comes along as I get older.


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