Miss Reflection

We live in a world where we are all strangers
We often fall and fail, yet we run after dangers
We always say we will never change or hide away,
We vow to forget the haters and we said that we will stay
Stay just the way I am, cause this is me
This is the way I was built through destiny
We convince other people to be like us
To be themselves, but they say it’s a fuss
They open their eyes to the world and reality
All you ever do is dream and live in a fantasy
Cause you’re not perfect there is no such thing
You can’t be you, because you don’t have everything
The hourglass figure or that stunning curves
You’re either flat or Fat that’s what you deserve
You can’t airbrush or edit yourself out
You can’t smile, so you just pout
Your arms are too chubby so are your thighs
People say you’re pretty its all a pack of lies
Your eyes are filled with bags, you’re stressed you see
Cause you have pimples and spots, while I am wrinkle-free
You’re so short, shame you didn’t grow taller
I see you shrink, your confidence becomes smaller
Look at yourself then look at me, What do you think?
I’m better aren’t I? because you’re out of sync
I’m flawless and glamorous, I am the ideal you
Boys like me better, I am their dream come true
So please stop trying because you’ll just fail
You are far behind my winning trail
You’re nothing, but a pathetic rejection
Maybe you should crown Miss Reflection.

Miss Reflection depicts how society portrays women today and the need to embrace their bodies based on how they should look like as oppose to what they already look like. Many women are pressured to look like models or to slim down to fit the social norms and the representation celebrities have in endorsing a certain body type that every woman should aim for but is not realistically achievable without artificial and technological means such as plastic surgery or Photoshop. This poem emphasizes on the pressures that women have to overcome on a daily basis and how it is never seems  to be enough to get the standardized industry portrayal women are mirrored up against and this often leads to women resorting to hating their bodies, when they should be loving them. 


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