Letters of Lovers

My Beautiful Lady,

I have just finished my duty to the King.
I am on my way home
Within two weeks, It will be you and me
All alone…
Don’t cry anymore, for I am on my way
You will be in my arms two weeks from today.

Your Beloved Admiral.


My Beloved Admiral,

Why have you not returned?
Little Thomas and miss you so…
Your deep brown eyes and the way you hold me;
Why did you have to go?
Someone is at the door now and a letter.
Please Lord, don’t let it be
“Father of unborn child shot at sea”
You were my everything.
I didn’t even know you enough
How will our unborn son ever laugh?
I’ll just sit here and cry… but I will meet you again!
In heaven, when it is my turn, my love…
To die.

This tragic poem had no particular inspiration but was imagined based on how men often went out to sea or on duties to far of lands leaving their wives or even lovers behind not knowing what will happen or how important is the life they left behind. This poem tells the story of a couple, lovers,  who had a relationship before a man went out to sea to do his duties as a soldier and for his country. He promised her of a triumphant return but was in the end not to be as he is shot and leaves her and their unborn child, fatherless and alone. She now waits the day when she will be able to see him when death also meets her.


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