I Understand

You are perfect in your eyes but not in mine
You think I glow or sparkle, but never shine
I asked if you wanted to go out, you said ‘No’
But for her you said ‘Yes’, anywhere you would go
I guess it’s because you do have more in common with her than me
You act all happy when you’re with her so I should just let it be
So I’ll  just leave you two to yourselves and go
How did it suddenly turn into a public show
I walked away and you grabbed my hand
You look into my eyes and made me understand
That you love me and she’s nothing to you
But this is all not true…
I walked away but you didn’t grab my hand
You didn’t need to, I understand.

Another poem all to do with heartbreak and how you express your feelings for someone who you have a crush on and they never return it. I wrote this poem when I had a crush on someone from my high school and being a teenager, I thought admitting my feelings for him would be like some movie or fairy tale but of course it wasn’t. I did not only make a fool of me in front of him and his friends but moments later he asked out some girl in front of me. At the time, I was hurt but at the some time, I understood that it was not meant to be.


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