You forgot your jacket at my place
You forgot to give me an embrace
You forgot your key, do you want them back?
You forgot your precious Apple Mac
You forgot your favourite converse by the door
You forgot your dog, she’s still on the floor
You forgot your guitar and your pick
You forgot to slam the door… Quick!
You forgot my name
You forgot you’re to blame
You forgot your beer in the fridge
You forgot the day by the bridge
You forgot your cigarettes by stove
You forgot they might explode
You forgot that cigarettes could catch on fire
You forgot to change your flat tyre
You forgot I’m not good with goodbye
You forgot I stayed in the house to cry
You drove away and the brakes broke
I’m the girl , you’re the bloke
Both were lovers hoping to see each other again
That was the case until when…
The house was in flames and the car on the edge
You also forgot to trim the hedge
The car was falling, you understood
The tears on my face, didn’t see the burning wood
The girl and the boy friends since seven
Now lovers who will meet again in heaven.

Another poem about the tragic consequences of love. I don’t know where I got this idea from but the story line is basically about a girl and a boy who were so madly in love with each other that they became caught up in all the wonderful feelings and being in a relationship. This led them to forgetting all the little things going on around them to the point when all they want to do is think of each other and nothing else. They became blinded by love that it caused them their lives (and his dog) and yet they want to continue on loving in the afterlife.


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