Famous Dates

Why thou art sad my dear?
Cause I got dumped by William Shakespeare
Why act like such a Goth?
Because I got dumped by Vincent Van Gogh
Why not get over them then?
I think I no longer want Beethoven
Oh, but do you know where is your heart?
I think it’s with his best friend Mozart
I advice you to find another
I can’t, I now want Harry Potter
Oh no! You’re making me dizzy
Too late, now I’m with Ronald Weasley
You need to find yourself a muse
I had one once, his name was Zeus
Maybe you need someone young and a heartthrob
Yeah I did, it was SpongeBob
Oh Good God! Have you really gone that far?
Yes I also dated Patrick Star
Oh my girl you need someone that is real
That’s why I joined deal or no deal
But I thought you bought an apron
No I was on the date with Jimmy Neutron
You know what you need to face reality
There is no use living in your fantasy
What do you mean is I should date Nermal?
No! date someone real and normal
What about Captain Blackbeard?
You need some sanity cause clearly yours disappeared
I don’t know where you got this from
Must have been from your mum
She once dated some one called Ben
And a lot of dudes from X-Men
Yeah and I see she married someone mean
Hey, Shut your mouth! I’m famous. Your old man, Wolverine!

This is one of my favourite poems to have ever written because of all the twist and turns with all the characters and just the randomness of it all. I thought it would be a good idea to post this poem, a month after the premiere of Logan as it is really a poem that is dedicated to Wolverine and Hugh Jackman himself. (by the way I still need to watch Logan)


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