An Experience of Love

The days we spent together 
That brought me happiness and delight
Just started to fade away slowly
From day and night 
So let me tell you how I feel 
The face of my hero no longer seems real 
The time we spent together has just reached the grave 
The emotions we possessed cannot be saved 
Some days were good, some days were bad 
But always in the end ,I was the one that’s sad 
I was the one that helped you out 
Through love’s dangers and living doubt
With just one click, it all changed to pain 
It turned to darkness it turned insane 
All your stupid lies, I excepted 
But all my dreams, you threw and rejected 
You gave me precious gifts and gold 
I gave you my only heart, which you broke and sold
In one moment, I saw a different side to you 
A side, I refuse to believe is true
Despite the hurt and the sorrow you made me discover 
I wont stop , I wont surrender
I will not fall!
I’ll try and try and try, I’ll give it my all
I will fight every single deadly foe
This pain need to stop, it needs to let go 
Then I realized, it’s all becoming clear 
My dearest enemy ,my true love ,my fear 
All these things mixed in one
It’s him ,loves ending, it’s done 
With one false move ,it turned to dust 
I need him, get him back ,I must 
But he went one way I went the other 
A promise broken and forgotten ,together not forever 
But I didn’t sail the sea, raid the jungle or search the desert, I just bid a do 
Just let the wind take its course and carry the words ‘I love you’.

This was the first ever poem I wrote that concerns the concept of love and heartbreak. I took the inspiration from my first ever relationship where everything was going so well and then we hit an obstacle that could have been easily solved but we were too childish and young to understand how until it was too late. I really wanted to make that relationship work as it was my first relationship but it was not meant to be and looking back I’m happy it ended and now it is just a distant memory.


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