About Me


Hello Everyone,

My name is Patricia Guillermo but you can call me Trisha. I am a 20-year-old undergraduate media student living in the county of Suffolk. I am originally from the Philippines and I have been living in the UK for 12 years of my life since the age of 8. I enjoy watching television and films as you will find out in this blog. I enjoy watching Once Upon A Time, The Middle, Impractical Jokers, just to name a few, and I am a massive Harry Potter fan as well. I am not too keen on horror/thriller/anything scary cause I am a scaredy cat and I am not ashamed to admit that I am also fond of watching animation and cartoons. Another favourite thing I love to do is eat. I love anything sweet and any American, Chinese, Japanese, Italian or Filipino foods, I will probably eat it all!

If I was to describe myself in three words, it would be: creative, passionate and an introvert. I always see myself as a quiet person and I prefer to stay at home with my family than attend parties or go out into town. But, even if I am an introvert, I am a hard worker and strive to do by best at all times even at times when it proves to be a challenge.  I have made a blog previous to this one called Ms Gangsta Noob, which was created over a year ago but has been abandoned as the third year of the university made my schedule hectic and it died out. (but it does still exist and you can click the link if you are curious what that is about). Although, I am at university and nearly finished with my academic phase in life, I prefer using my creative mind more than my academic side and would love to work within the creative industry, either in web development, digital marketing or television.

This blog, unlike my previous blog before, will be more serious and will hopefully be a meaningful journey in the next steps I take after I leave university. The idea of finishing university is both satisfying and daunting as things are finally over in terms of getting a degree, however, there are still a lot of uncertainty and obstacles that I should have thought about but did not, like finding work or even learning to drive a car. This blog will look at all the fears, worries, dreams, hopes, failures, achievements and just life in general that I will have to finally face. Even though this blog will be taking a slightly serious turn, it will have happy moments that I can look back onto in terms of the positive opportunities life will also throw my way and the advice I could give to other students like me.

So, I hope you all find this blog interesting and that you get something out of my experiences and challenges in life after university and follow me discover future adventures and clarify the cave of unknown.

Peace xoxo