Vanessa’s 18th Bday Poem

A poem for my sister

Today is your birthday, so I made this speech
Full of your secrets and lessons I would like to teach
Cause you need to learn that my advice is good
So sit comfortably you need to listen, you should
When you were little you looked so cute and like an angel
Now, you look like a massive pimple, you need a facial
When you were younger, it’s okay to stuff your belly
But, as you get older, I recommend staying away from the jelly
And the Nutella, the crisps, the ice cream and that moist cake
Plus biting your nails might have also been a mistake
Cause you never do chores or even lift a finger
Did you at least brush your teeth, did you remember?
You always like to shout and make a noise, can you hear?
Cause with all your screaming, I feel I might block my ear
You always pick fights and never back down
But it always ends with your face in a frown
Shrieking ‘It’s not fair’ ‘Why is it always me?’
Are you sure you’re eighteen, you act like three
This poem may seem mean cause it is your day
I’ll end my speech soon so please don’t storm off stay
Even if you are annoying, at least you are not sinister
You may have flaws but you are still my little sister
You have always been a good support and a good laugh
You are great at drawing and taking very good photographs
You have a good memory for things you like the most, it makes you berserk
Like McAvoy’s movies, Radcliffe’s Wand and Fassbender living in Heidelberg
Not so good remembering things that are important, like my advice
At least now, it’s on video so you can maybe make an effort to look at it once or twice
There are still more things I would like to tell you but I’ll just tell it to your face
Right after I punch you with birthday beats and squeeze you in a birthday embrace

Happy Birthday, Vanessa. I hope you enjoy your birthday and now that you are an adult I hope you start acting like it too!

oh yea and CHERIK!


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