The Infestation of Grain Beetles

HELP! We are under attack by black beetles and they are trying to procreate in our rice. So because there was a heatwave here in England for a couple of weeks, there have been all sorts insects and pests flying, crawling and hiding around the house. So far, we have encountered bees, spiders (including a huge one), hundreds of ants, several woodlice, three dead flies, two wasps and now there are grain beetles in all our rice. Now, I am not anti-insects/bugs/creepy crawlies or anything but I get very worried when things are invading something I care about a lot: Food. They all have free range of the entire house but please do not come near my food lol. The worst thing is I really have no idea where they came from because when I researched what these little black bugs were called, it said they are normally found on rice/grain crops. But I didn’t think they would be attracted to harvested rice. 

These little black bugs are also not only on the white rice but also in the brown rice (which my parents eat cause it’s much healthier- but hey rice is rice I guess). So the other day, I thoroughly went through all the cupboards and scrubbed them down and also picked out some of the bugs from our white rice (which is in a big plastic container on the bottom shelf). I don’t think I managed to get all of them but I got a few (including two who I caught in a compromising position). I’m sure they will go away eventually as soon as we cook some rice and wash it like 10 times lol. 

Anyways that is my news/rant for today haha. I hope you all have a great Friday and an even more awesome weekend! 


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