Licensed to Start Driving

I am terrified of driving, which isn’t a good opening line to a post about learning to drive a car. A lot of my friends have already started driving or currently in the middle of learning how to drive so I can confirm I am really late to the party. But even though I am terrified I know that driving is not only a great skill to have but is definitely useful for doing school rounds (my little sister starts nursery this September) as well as having a vehicle to use for work would be much better than taking the bus. I keep telling myself that I have made a lot of choices and decisions since finishing university and learning to drive needs to have a verdict now (or else I will never make my mind up and will forever be stuck taking the bus).  

So, I sucked it up and decided that I needed to start learning now. Well, actually that isn’t quite true. During the job hunting and job applications these past few months, I came across a placement for a nursery assistant across various nurseries around Cambridge and Suffolk and they had to do a background check on me and of course, a part of that is providing a sufficient amount of identity documents. They needed two types of documents to confirm my address and because I still live with my parents I didn’t have any form of bills except my bank statement and they advised me that they need me to apply for a provisional driving license so they can process my application as soon as possible. I promptly applied for one and it arrived a few days later and I took that as a sign that I need to start learning to drive. My family was very excited for me and encouraged me that this is DEFINITELY a sign that I need to start driving and my dad immediately said that I should go buy the theory book to start revising. There have also been some unconfirmed plans that my parents are going to buy me a small car that I can practice on (although since I haven’t started reading the theory book and haven’t booked my driving lessons yet, this “plan” hangs in the balance). 

So here I am writing this post with the theory book by my side, still terrified but have finally accepted that I need to do this because I need it in my life and that is a good reason why I need to learn how to drive. After talking with my parents, I have decided to drive an automatic (because my parents said “it is just like driving a bumper car” except I am not in a fair and if I do bump into someone I am sure saying sorry will not be enough), I will be hopefully doing a once a week for 2 hours kind of lesson and then my dad will also be teaching me how to behave properly when driving (he said that passing the practical test will be easy but combining it with how to behave when driving takes a lot of practice). I am honestly bricking it but I feel the right amount of ready to start learning. 

Please wish me luck and pray I make it through this unknown experience and hopefully soon I will be licensed to drive an automatic car on the road. 


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