Battling A Past Lover

This is it, I have seen the light
Time to defend me and fight
I picked my sword and advanced
Surrender now, traitor, you don’t have a chance
My arrow raised and ready to fly
One will one and one will die
You have soldiers who have your back
But as long as you fall, this will be my final act
I hurt you so you left me in the dark, all alone
You’re no man, but a boy with a heart of stone
You think you rule the world and it is yours
I will always have hope, as long as the winds blow its course
So we fought, here we are face to face
We stopped and you thought I would fall for your embrace
You think you can give me gold and I would melt
But you didn’t’ go through on what you made me felt
So I walked away, maybe its gone too far
But admit it, I won this battle and boy I’m going to win the war.


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