Perfect vs. Unperfect

Perfect is a statement
All wannabees make
Unperfect is what I am
Perfect is such a mistake
If I was perfect, I could never do
All the things I do now
Like climbing trees and falling
Or riding an enormous cow
If I was perfect, I would have everything
I could ever want and more
Having everything in one go
Is such a total bore
Being perfect is for the winners, the champions
And the people who think ‘they are all that!’
Those who are unperfect, are the dreamers, the chasers
And those who think perfect is ‘what?!’
You see, I have never won a game in my life
or have ever come first
But you know I kinda like it
And it does not mean I’m the worst
People being all that needs to rethink, cause they seem cocky and a jerk
Just take a chill pill, chillax, have some fun…cause soon perfect will go berserk!


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