It’s hard to see you so far away
You’re never close and not here to stay
You’re always laughing and joking with her
Acting all fake like a total stranger
You always run when I am near
Sucking away the happiness and replacing it with fear
I know I hurt you real bad
But not hearing your voice makes me sad
You are really angry, I get the message
But I need you, I just can’t manage
I didn’t mean no harm to you
I was stupid, did not have a clue
But then you didn’t like me anymore
Leaving me and slamming the door
You hate me but I want to be your friend
The actions and words are just all pretend.
So, please forgive me, I need you now
I do not want to take the last bow
So, please have the heart and see
By ignoring, you are only killing me.


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