Innocent Consequences

People do things for no apparent reason
Even if the sun is up, the rain pouring or its changing season
But don’t blame yourself for their mistake
Even if your life is at stake
Never give in to their torture and chaos
Remember it’s not yours, but their lost
They’re the one who hurt you, real bad
There is no need for you to be sad
When they left you all by yourself
They were just thinking about themselves
They will never care for you
So why should you care about them too?
So the next time, they come begging for your hand
Just ignore them, throw back the sand
If they don’t care then leave them behind
There are better things you can find
You don’t need them to be there anymore
But if you do, ask yourself, what do you need them for?


2 thoughts on “Innocent Consequences

  1. Wise words. I’m really getting into your poems!

    Liked by 1 person

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