The Dream

We started as friends, but I really want to be more
Time to stand up and open the hidden door
I stepped inside and saw us two
It was like watching my dreams come true
You were holding my hand, making me laugh
Your kiss, so soft, I just can’t get enough
Out of all those guys, I think you’re the one
This is only the beginning, it isn’t done
You held me tight and promised to never let go
Your touch is so gentle, perfect, nice and slow
The look in your eyes makes me smile
When you’re with me, it makes it so worthwhile
You wrap me in your arms to tell me it’s fine
Then you pulled me close and whispered ‘Will you be mine?’
I was about to answer when I awoke from a dream
Or so I thought cause it seemed…
It turns out dreams do come true
Because when I woke up, I woke up next to you.


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