Abuse: Act Now

Hitting me, punching me, leaving me on the floor 
Partying, going out, just slamming the door 
Here it is again that comes every night 
It all happens just after our big fight
You take my arm and slam me down 
I see a fist and a face with a frown
You tell me things I don’t want to hear 
Then I feel a blow just like a spear
I look away for a minute or two
Then I saw blood splatter from me to you
I want you to stop, go away
But you continue on until the day 
You left me there, crying in pain 
The floor and I covered with blood stain
I can’t take it anymore this needs to stop 
The pain in my body has reached the top 
I don’t know what to do 
Cause part of me still loves you 
But what you’re doing to me is wrong
I need call the police, be strong
So the next day, I did just that 
As you left, I just stared and sat
When you had gone and I’m all alone
The place did finally feel like a home 
All those times I thought was my imagination 
Now I know, I made the right decision. 


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