Download Darla

Hi its Download Darla, think before you click
Think it through carefully no need to be quick.
I’m here to stop your computer from getting ill
Keep it running smoothly like a treadmill
The number one enemy is Mr Virus, he likes to attack
We need to find a way to make him go and never come back
Mr Virus likes to transform and disguise himself into different styles
Like your emails, computer games and music files
Mr Virus will make your computer slow, buffer, shut down
So let’s make your computer happy and healthy, no need to frown
Mr Virus will infect your computer like germs gives you a cold
But listen to me about downloading safety and let’s get him paroled
First things first, install an anti-virus software and let it scan
It will track Mr Virus and his path of destruction and give him a ban
If you receive an email attachment from someone you do not know
Even if looks like from your friend, don’t click on it, its Mr Virus, just let it go.
Once your anti-virus software has finished scanning, don’t hesitate
Tell a trusted adult, delete the email and then click update
Once you update, Mr Virus will simply disappear and cry
Sorry Mr Virus, you have been eliminated, Goodbye. 


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