The moment you left, you really changed
You went bad, you went deranged
You tried to copy other boys
You played around like some wind-up toys
You started telling people what to do
You made then work just for you
You started thinking you’re the boss
And we’re the caber for you to toss
But get ready cause I’m breaking your bubble
You are nothing but a piece of trouble
To actually think you’re a leader
You’re  nothing but a two-faced cheater
Then walking around looking so strong
But like always you’re so wrong
You look like the backside of a donkey
Look at that snot on your nose, need a hanky?
I can’t bear to look at you anymore
You’re making my life feel so sore
Your hair was great then it turned black
You’re worse than a burnt flapjack
Whatever happened to that sweet tender guy
The one that made me reach for the sky
I guess you vanished and went away
Then came back all evil and grey
So before you think of being so ‘wow’
I’ll bid for well and take my final bow.


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