She A Bitch

I’m sorry to be rude
I’m sorry to be in a mood
But, there is something that’s giving me the itch
Boy, I really think your girlfriend is a bitch
Look at her she looks like a horse
If you don’t mind me saying, I’m prettier of course
She is annoying, she needs a whack
Oh look, she even made that mirror crack
Come on, use those eyes
Her appearance is hardly a surprise
Her teeth when she smiles,
Looks like the teeth of a dead crocodile
Her nose is so very big
If it was any bigger, she would be winning pig
I think that you need a new lady
Before she drives you too crazy
By the way, she hates your Mum
Plus she has a big fat bum
There are other girls to find
Just look around and use your mind
She really is bad
It makes me really sad
You are dating a freak
For your information, this makes you weak
But, to be honest, you aren’t the fittest boy around
It looks like you fell and hit your face on the ground
But, what can I say I don’t have a clue
All I know is that your girl will make you boo-hoo
So before you get a big bump
It’s better to give your girl, the dump
Then,  when you did just that you’ll see,
The only girl you want was here all along it’s pretty, fabulous me!

This poem was written when a guy I dated was dating another girl to make me jealous and a part of him realized he still fancied me after dating her for a few days but unfortunately for him I did not like him anymore. #sorrynotsorry


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