Panel Debate Outcome

The other day I finished doing the panel debate and I was so nervous. We practised three times and we felt pretty ready as we could ever be. We even got to class early to try and put podiums at the front using a square table and chairs so we could hold onto something once we were up there. We were third on the list and having watched two groups go before us made me even more nervous and scared. I thought I was going to throw up. I even brought my inhaler just in case I couldn’t breathe and started hyperventilating. When we were called up, I was so scared and took a couple of breaths. I thought I was gonna mess up and just fumble all the words and we looked at each other and then it began. Now or never.

When it was over, I didn’t even realize that time was up and we actually did the panel debate. I was sort of in my own mind and had an out of body experience where I was thinking words in my head but my mouth is already moving and I couldn’t stop it. I missed a couple of words here and there for the actual debate but my mouth just kept on saying the things I can remember in my head. We didn’t even get to finish the whole debate but I’m glad we got it done! We just now have to wait for our results once everything else is done.

Shoutout to my panel buddy, Holly. We got it done and now we just have to do the essays. Gonna be missing hanging out with you in Ian’s room every Fridays haha.


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