Fake Death

Why are you extremely fine?
But somehow you can never be mine
Why do you feel so dead?
But I just can’t get you out of my head
Why are you ignoring me?
When you are my friend no longer enemy
Does it feel good to hurt me so?
To pretend to be my friend when you’re really my foe
To kiss and tell, hug and run
To shot my head with a gun
To make me suffer and fall apart
To crush and break my dying heart
I know you’re not like this, break this curse
Make it all better before it gets worse
I know that you have never seen me mad before
But everyone contains inside a hidden door
I’ll tell you now you’re in for the kill
So useless and worthless, so keep still
You’re nothing no use in this world
So bite your tongue, don’t even say a word
Don’t Move. Don’t speak. Don’t pretend
Just stand there and prepared to meet your end
Let’s just say we meet again in another life
When I’m the one who was carrying a knife
When you’re strapped to a chair and can’t move
A fault you can’t accuse, you cant prove
It ends here, it ends now and it ends with a scream
In bed I wake up it was all just a dream
Don’t worry I’ll get you another day
Keep waiting I’ll get you in the end, I’ll find a way.

This poem was made when I was feeling vengeful and bad-ass. I think I was just having a bad day and I just wrote this poem of taking revenge on the people that did me wrong but I probably took it a bit to the extreme but I was probably a bad day considering I was thinking about death.


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