Uncle Flash Gordon

Walking down the street
Craving for something sweet
Kicking the sand and making shells disappear
Running towards it, I’m getting near
Oh! I tripped and now it’s gone
It’s so hot, I need a fan
I’m wearing shorts and a vest
Keeping cool at my very best
When I thought all hope was lost
I spotted the sign ’99p’, it costs
I ran as fast as I can
Pushing and shoving “Get out off my way, Man!”
I saw it, one mile away
50 customers here to stay
I had an idea, its wicked
Free toys for every kid
All the kids ran to Toys’R’Us
Their mothers ran after them due to all the fuss
Yes! One more customer in line
Mr Whippy with flake, you will be mine
When it was finally my turn, I got a shock
All ice cream were OUT OF STOCK!
The man said ‘It was the last customer who took it
He was thin, wearing a costume and kinda tall and fit
He was so fast some of the ice cream turned into mash’
I knew it… I knew it… Stupid Uncle Flash!


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