Panel Discussion Problems

For one of my modules (Media and Philosophy), we have to get into a group of 4 people and argue a topic with 2 people on the ‘For’ side and 2 people on the ‘Against’ side. Each will have 5 minutes to state their proposition with an additional 10 minute for an open debate. This debate is scheduled on Weeks 9 and 10 (which is in the next two weeks) and in the past few weeks we have made a plan on how things were gonna go but now we have several problems.

First, there are only two of us in my group. There were not enough people in the class and I am not letting my panel partner/buddy and I be separated. We had already picked a topic ‘There is no more Media as we know it’ and we already established who is for and who is against. We both tried to read the required reading that is related to that topic but in my opinion, I didn’t think it related that much in terms of media and catered more on art. We decided there and then that we would not mention anything theoretical, especially if it does not match with what we are gonna talk about or if we are not entirely sure how we will do it. My panel partner and I were all set to go off and do our own arguments and then meet up and come together. In fact, just yesterday we were already practising our debate in a spare classroom. We are so ready and with a few practices and doing the flashcards, everything was going to plan.

But then some plans will hit a snag once in a while and with only a week left I wish we had these problems earlier than now. We have been told that everyone is going to have to follow the assessment rules for 5 minutes and then an open debate as well as having the theoretical aspect of backed up case studies. I feel like we should have been made aware of the rules and guidelines of this assessment weeks ago instead of springing it on us a week before we have to do this. I am so annoyed and angry that all these things that we have been planning for 4 weeks now is gonna be changed so much and is basically gonna be…crap!

That being said, I am not gonna stand for this panel debate to be crap especially when we have figured it out weeks ago. I do not like my plans to go wrong and I am praying that we can find a loophole or change some minor aspect of what we have planned already instead of changing the whole thing. After all, there are only two of us so it would be better to do a back and forth open debate instead of the 5-minute thing then a debate. The theory related to our topic is discussing the medium of art NOT media. This has made me feel so stressed right now!

Breathe and Think!


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