Back of the Bus

I’m so tired. These guys took my seat where I normally sit and I ended up on the back of the bus. Never again. I don’t like sitting at the back because I knew the bus would get so full that I would have to squeeze past people in order to get out. So I always sit at the front and sometimes the middle but NEVER the back of the bus. That was until today. 

I think today is not gonna be my day. That bus ride to university proved it. I got off from the first bus and walked to my next bus stop. The bus shelter had one person. Great, that means the bus wouldn’t be so full and I could actually get my seat. But no after 5 minutes more people came and more people stood there and the bus was running 7 minutes late. By the time it got there, everyone raced to be at the front and me being a polite person and really tired (I woke up at 4am) let people get on the bus and that was how I had to sit at the back of the bus. The bus became so full that people had to stand and every one of them made eye contact with me as if they say ‘are you getting off, mate?’. I just stared them down, I am at the back of the bus but at least my butt was on a seat (so that’s a plus). 

Hopefully next week I will be able to sit in the front cause the back of the bus smells (literally). 



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