Online Abuse Experience

The internet is a dark place so why do we use it? The internet provides us with the means of communication and expression. A lot of people build relationships and friendships online, people are able to give and gain knowledge and we are constantly viewing cat videos. Being digital natives, we are embedded in our technologies than we have ever been before. However, the internet also holds a lot of darkness that most of us have probably never experienced and will never have to. I thought this too. No one on the internet can ever come and upset me or anyone I know because we haven’t done anything wrong. That was until yesterday. 

The day was nearly coming to an end. My sisters and I were in my room because we are all planning on doing homework together and just chilling out after a long day. My youngest sister and I were watching a video and my other sister was on her phone. Everything was fine until my other sister let out a sob. I asked her what’s the matter and she just handed me her phone and said ‘It’s not fair, Trisha!’. I looked at her phone which was open on her Instagram page at a recent drawing she posted. What I saw both enraged and disgusted me. A guy commented:

‘get drawing lessons from the make a wish foundation.’  

I cannot believe someone would ever say that to someone they know never mind some random stranger they come across online. I nearly cried as well as the fact that someone could be so mean and rude to someone who just wanted to share her love for movie characters and her passion for drawing. This guy had been posting on her Instagram a couple of weeks ago. He was at first just commenting how dreadful it was and my sister being a friendly person would comment on how she knows it isn’t perfect and how her drawings are all a process of self-expression; nothing had to be perfect and she can always go back and improve on her next drawing. She showed me a couple of his comments and I told her that I’m sure he is just a one of troll and will go away soon. But he didn’t. He continued on for two weeks telling my sister that she should ‘go make a GoFundMe page so they can donate money to pay for your drawing lessons’ to comparing her with amputees. My sister was devastated and kept asking me why she is being made into a victim and asking me if she is doing something wrong by posting online. I didn’t know what to say. 

For the next hour, we all discussed it and my parents suggested that she just block him and even told her to send him some vulgar messages before blocking him. If I was a terrible person and wanted to stoop to his level, I would have sent him a long message filled with explicit language telling him that this is such a sad thing he is doing trying to put someone down just out of the blue and trying to knock someone’s confidence. He should be ashamed of himself and I pity him and his life.  But because I am not a confrontational person, I just held my sister’s phone and pressed Block

I really hope that he never finds my sister’s online accounts on other social media sites because what he is doing is such a harmful thing that could have really done a serious damage to my sister. I never thought that this would ever happen to someone I know so it really made me upset and angry. My sister is such a great person and sometimes I do tease her on her drawing skills but I would never think of comparing her to someone who has a disability or is on their death bed. If this person ever comes back and shows himself, especially when he abuses my sister again, I will be so angry and I’m afraid vulgar language will be used this time. But I pray this does not happen. 

My sister is doing fine now and she said that she will carry on drawing because it really is something she loves doing. We will put this guy and his comments behind us because he really isn’t worth our time. Please go support my sister and follow her on her on her Instagram page: fassyradavoy. She draws things related to the Marvel Universe including X-Men and Spiderman as well as other movies and original concepts. 



One thought on “Online Abuse Experience

  1. You are the best sister ever and I really want to say thank you for being there when I needed it.😊

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