Learning to Cook

The ability to cook was something I always wanted to learn but never pursued before until now. When I was little, I would occasionally help out from time to time but being a learner and a child I was often slow and my parents lost their patience and just told me to go play instead otherwise it will never be ready on time or this week lol.

But now that I am gonna be starting a new adventure, I thought that I should probably learn a new life skill that I will take on when I move out or when I have my own family. So at the grand age of 20, I will be starting my journey into the culinary life of cooking proper dishes and not just corn beef and frying sausages and eggs.

Pray, I don’t burn anything or mess up, let’s get cooking!

(Also, I will hopefully be able to write down the recipes of the things I’m cooking so I have created a “Recipe” page where you can check out all the things I have cooked and maybe even see how it turns out)


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