Beneath the Tracks

It was a stupid thing to do.
I wasn’t thinking, didn’t have a clue.
I was hopeless and alone.
A rich boy trying to retrieve his phone.
Whilst I wanted to get to the other side.
The girl who didn’t read the travel guide.
I wanted to get across really fast.
Nothing was around, so I decided to pass.
I wasn’t thinking straight.
Another boy that’s been on a date.
My mates and I didn’t care.
We decided to do a drunken dare.
I volunteered myself because I was strong.
But this drunken dare has gone wrong.
All of us didn’t think hard.
The rich boy, the innocent girl and the drunken retard.
All now live beneath the track.
Waiting for a time to look back.
But they had wasted their life.
They were crushed, broken and sliced with a knife.
All they remember was the pouring rain

And the sound of the coming train…

I wrote this poem when I was  14 or 15 and the idea was taken from a train safety advert at the back of my homework diary that featured three coffins side by side on the railway tracks. The advert was basically warning people especially teenagers that were my age how important it is to look both ways for any coming trains in the same way you look both ways for a car or other vehicles when crossing the road. It is also important to never cross train tracks in the first place because a quick shortcut could lead to you ending your life short.


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